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 Featured Trainings

August 30 + 31

Nov 6 + 7 
San Bernardino   

Family Planning Health Worker
Certification Training
Two-day certification training for health care staff and educators who want to provide high-quality contraceptive counseling and education for diverse populations.

"This is a very complete and interactive program. I highly recommend it to anyone who counsels others or teaches about birth control, STDs and sexual health."

"The course is excellent both for those with little knowledge of birth control counseling and skilled educators and professionals who are seeking a refresher course to improve their contraceptive counseling skills."

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Sept 20 + 21

Dec 7 + 8
Los Angeles
Pregnancy Options Counseling Certification Training
Two-day certification training for health care staff who conduct pregnancy tests and provide unbiased pregnancy options counseling.  Learn how to provide client-centered counseling and medically accurate information about pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption in a supportive and nonjudgmental manner. 

Find a course near you or book a private training for a group.

Best Practices in Birth Control Education*
Learn interactive teaching techniques and access free lesson plans for educating others on all contraceptive methods, how to obtain them, and their health benefits. Recommended for teachers, sexuality and health educators. Includes free CEUs. Learn More!

*See other trainings in our new Course Catalog:
Recommended Courses for Providing Sexuality Education

Zika Virus Prevention Update for Providers
Learn the latest Zika recommendations, prevention messages for patient education, screening tools, testing guidelines, and resources for providers serving patients of reproductive age. Watch Now!

CA Healthy Youth Act 2016: Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: Legal Requirements for CA Public Schools
Watch this free on-demand webinar with Sharla Smith, MPH of the CA Dept of Education to learn how required instruction can be implemented to provide comprehensive sexual health education in grades 7-12 in compliance with this law. Watch Now!

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